Certificate Info

 About the Global Health Certificate 

Awarded through the UCLA Center for Global and Immigrant Health (CGIH) in the Fielding School of Public Health (FSPH), the Global Health Certificate (GHC) program provides the student with broad-based knowledge, professional skills, and cross-cultural understanding of global health issues, policies, and practices. The aim of the GHC is to enhance global health competencies of students to work for organizations providing global or immigrant health services, advocate for global health programs and priorities, and/or to incorporate global health sensibilities in non-global health work settings. In conferring the certificate, the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health recognizes a student’s capacity to work as a public health or health care professional with a global health perspective.

To earn the certificate, students:

  • Take courses related to global health
  • Complete an international fieldwork experience
  • Complete a 5-page professional reflection essay
  • Attend two global health seminars at UCLA


Certificate Requirements

  • Current enrollment as a UCLA graduate or professional student
  • Complete CHS 200 or HPM 240
  • Complete Certification from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program 
  • Complete at least 12 additional units with global health content (see global health courses for a list of electives)*
  • Completes an international experience (at least 10 weeks in a lower/middle income country) - Must be completed within the time as a registered graduate student at UCLA. For FSPH students: please submit a copy of your 400 (Field Studies Course) paper.
  • Complete a 5-page professional reflection essay describing how the GHC program integrates with the student’s graduate studies, how it amplifies their understanding of one or more of the global health competencies, and how these competencies are likely to influence their professional career.
  • Attends at least two Global Health lunchtime lectures or other lectures sponsored by the UCLA Center for Global and Immigrant Health, the UCLA School of Public Health of the UCLA Center for World Health. Submit lecture forms documenting attendance.

*Students can also petition to count courses not on this list by completing the course exception form below 

If you are a current or prospective UCLA student and are interested in more information about the Global Health certificate, please send an e-mail to: globalhealth@ph.ucla.edu.




In order for CGIH to ensure that all students who wish to earn the Global Health Certificate are making adequate progress in their studies and requirements, all students interested in earning the certificate must submit the Declaration of Intent form to CGIH by Week 10 of the Spring quarter of the student's first year of study at UCLA. The form may be found in the Forms tab of this website. 


Once you have completed all requirements for the certificate, please submit the following:

1.) Completed application form (may be found under the Global Health Certificate > Forms tab)

2.) Transcript (unofficial is fine)

3.) A copy of your 5-page Professional Reflection Essay

4.) Two signed Global Health Lecture forms (please see attachment at Forms tab)

  5.) A copy of your CITI training certificate of completion

  6.) A copy of your final paper/project completed for course credit for your international experience (for FSPH students this will be your 400 report)

Please submit completed applications for the Global Health Certificate electronically to globalhealth@ph.ucla.edu. For students who plan to graduate during the Spring quarter, all forms must be submitted by April 30.