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Image of a disease map with the text "Global is Local is Global" overlaid.

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An open-air food market in Paris, France. Photo by: Photo by Didier Provost on Unsplash

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Image of a map with connector lines with the text "In an increasingly interconnected world, global health is changing."

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A large group of people crosses a sidewalk in a city. Photo by: Mauro Mora on Unsplash

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Decorative shapes with the text "Health problems at the local level can evolve into globally-significant events."

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A Ministry of Health vehicle in the field in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Photo by: Dr. Anne Rimoin

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Image of several people together with the text "At UCLA, we are rethinking global health through an equity lens."

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Rows of blood test tubes on a rack in a laboratory. Photo by: Photo by on Unsplash

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MPH student Graham Toth in the field in Cambodia, where he studied the health and well-being of female entertainment workers while interning with KHANA, Cambodia. Photo by: Graham Toth

Image for CGIH 9

A colorful market in Apia, Samoa. Photo by: Brittany Meyer

Image for CGIH 10

A vaccine clinic in Ecuador. Photo by Photo by Pato González on Unsplash.

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The year global health went local

2021 Annual Letter from Bill and Melinda Gates about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the world's way forward.

Photo for America
America's two largest states are fighting covid-19 differently

The results are not as different as might be expected

Photo for How Covid could be the
How Covid could be the 'long overdue' shake-up needed by the aid sector

Article from The Guardian about how the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed shortcomings and inequalities in the global humanitarian aid system and why a global reset of the system is long overdue.

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